Because you won’t live this moment again

Bring together all highlights of a life into the same space to perpetuate the memory of your family and pass it down to your descendants.

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A collaborative social network to share photos and videos

Keep safe the memories of a life

Pass down your story to future generations

Engrave the story of a life on the web


Relate the highlights of life (birth, parties, exams, 1st flirt…)


Write the memory of each individual, the story of his/her life… Geotag his/her final rest place.


Express condolences, a kind word or thought for the deceased.

Family circle

Browse through the family tree of all people considered as family members.

Photo album

Create the photo album of your life, and relate the best moments of your existence through pictures.

Last will

Indicate your wishes for your last journey, this information is confidential and will be forwarded only to your legatees after your death.

Post-mortem messages

Plan messages that will be sent to the people you choose after your death.

"In Case of Emergency" card (ICE)

It includes all the necessary personal and medical information to emergency services.
Complete it, download it and keep it with you, it can save your life.

Testament online

Make your holographic will online. It will be safely stored in a notary office and will be registered in the "Fichier Central des Dispositions de Dernières Volontés (France)".

Start my testament


for life and beyond…

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